About Us

Who We Are

BoxyBay.com, founded in 2014 is America’s premier online retailer of cutting edge computer technology, telecommunication and consumer goods, offering over 800,000 unique and extensive selection of high-quality products from world's top brands. Customer-centric, innovative and tech-savvy employees with diverse backgrounds contribute to BoxyBay's rapid growth to ensure exceeding the industry's highest standards of customer satisfaction.

The Best People

BoxyBay's biggest asset is people. Our staff is dedicated to making your buying experience a productive one. From the moment you reach us, you'll find we take an active interest in satisfying your needs. All of us are working to make sure you get more than just a product. We want every customer to be a satisfied customer!

The Best Internet Site

Our innovative internet site is updated daily and contains every product we carry. Lots of detailed descriptions, cross references, hotlinks, easy-to-use searches, and specials combine to provide you with useful information on a wide variety of products. We continue to strive to provide you with the latest, most accurate product information available anywhere! Plus, along with the product information we provide, you get direct hotlinks to the manufacturers' websites. Pricing is updated daily to give you the most competitive prices online! And of course, our Internet site provides Secure, Worry-Free On-line Ordering.

Fast and Efficient Order Processing

BoxyBay prides itself on offering service unmatched by any of our competitors! Our Advanced Order Processing System at our headquarters provides our sales staff with real-time product data including pricing, availability, and detailed product information. We have automated our order fulfillment process to the point where in-stock orders are filled and placed on our shipping platform within minutes of being entered!