Bad Elf High Performance GPS & GLONASS Receiver f/Lightning Connector

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High Performance GPS & GLONASS Receiver for Lightning Connector

The Bad Elf GPS gets rave reviews from the most demanding customers in military, commercial, and private aviation. Moreand more blue water and freshwater marine enthusiasts have chosen the Bad Elf GPS for their adventures.

  • Instantly add GPS & GLONASS location support to your iPad WiFi or iPod touch devices with Lightning Connector
  • High performance 66 channel WAAS enabled GPS provides latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and GPS track
  • Accurate to 2.5M (9') up to 60,000' and 1,000 mph
  • Quickly acquires satellite lock without cell tower assistance
  • Hot start time in as little as 2 seconds
  • Built in micro-USB port allows for pass through charging while in use
  • No internet connection or monthly subscription required
  • Lock times: 2s (hot). 15s (warm). 33s (cold)
  • Size: 1.1" x 1.1" x 0.25" (28mm x 28mm x 7mm)

Bad Elf GPS provides location data to any and all apps that use Apple's iOS Core Location framework. Bad Elf's GPSproducts are great for:

Made For:
  • iPod touch (5th generation)
  • iPhone 5S. iPhone SC. and iPhone 5
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad mini

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  • 5
    Verified Purchase

    Posted by Josephine J. on May 22nd 2016

    This powerful little unit has transformed My iPad into a fully capable navigation system on my boat. Add the 6'extension cord and place the BadElf module out the window or on top of your hardtop or Bimini for super accurate GPS to go with your Navionics (or any other) software.I would have no concern using this as my primary navigation system for coastal cruising.

  • 5
    Verified Purchase

    Posted by Phyllis K. on Mar 22nd 2016

    It's a nice gadget that may be of great use for a number of purposes. I was hoping to use it on the Airbus flight deck, where it didn't work at all. The reason is that signal reception is not possible due to the thick/ heated cockpit windows on the Airbus flight deck, not even through the rear windows. I am still looking for a working solution to get a cable-connect (or plugin) external gps for the ipad (no-one of serious nature would use a wireless or bluetooth transmitter in such an environment) - and have had no joy so far for.I have tested signal reception of my iphone 5 at the rear windows, and it works just fine. So I am a little unhappy that this specifically designed external gps could not get a valid signal in the same spot where my iphone got one just fine. How can it be that the internal gps of a phone has a better signal reception than an external gps that has no other purpose than get a GPS (and in this case also GLONASS) signal?Support from bad elf has been mixed, with some good respones first, but now I am complaining about the product, I receive no further replies.If you know where you are going to use this item, I guess there are many fields where it comes in handy. Though most users will probably need an extension cable - I do not understand why that is not supplied with the unit.For Pilots, if you face multi-layered heated windows similar to the Airbus flight deck, stay clear of this item as you will very likely not get signal reception. The regular GA pilot on smaller aircraft will probably find this works fine in his cockpit.I appreciate your inputs and findings on the topic.

  • 5
    Verified Purchase

    Posted by Gracie P. on Jan 22nd 2016

    I own an iPad Air (purchased in March 2015) WiFi model. After buying it, I realized that having the GPS model would have been a better choice, Fortunately, I learned that a GPS unit and off-line maps could be substituted. I paired this Bad Elf GPS with (a free app) and it worked perfectly.Now then, is a terrific program that provides an atlas of maps representing the world. Its documentation, however, is not the best. In order to figure out how to use the GPS, I had to figure out how Maps.Me worked. Fortunately, two emails to cleared up most of my problems, then observation and poking around, the rest.The bottom line is that if you buy this unit for your iPad Air - WiFi, it will work perfectly with recommended mapping software, but you really need to know the software (app) to make the GPS work.The app that runs Bad Elf is free and available on the Apple store. Once the app is installed, you do not have to do anything with it (at least, we did not). Our only problem with this device is that in order to plug it into our iPad Air, we had to remove its protective case as the Lightning Connector is not long enough to extend through the thickness of a case in order to plug in.Now then, here are brief directions for to get you started: on the bottom, left side, there is an outline of an arrow. Tap it once, and it will turn blue and simultaneously, your location is shown on the map. If you drive in this position, the arrow and the map moves along your route, with the arrow eventually disappearing off the monitor. Tap the blue arrow one more time, and it will "track" by staying in one place on the screen while the map moves under it.Because you can see so much on the Maps....