KING SL1000 SureLock Digital TV Antenna Signal Finder

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SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder

Use the SureLock for a fool-proof way to locate a TV signal no matter where you are. If your antenna can get the signal, the SureLock can find it!

Since the digital transition in 2009, pointing your directional RV TV antenna is difficult and often time consuming. Unless you are pointed at the TV tower, you won't get channels when doing a channel scan. But you don't know if you are pointing at a tower unless you can do a successful channel scan. The SureLock was designed to simplify this process and ease your frustrations. The meter connect in-line with your TV antenna, provides LED feedback for signal strength and has a variable sensitivity adjustment to work both near and far from the TV towers.

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    Posted by Michael J. on Aug 22nd 2016

    Not very useful - it does indicate strength of signal - but probably just as easy to us the OTA locator service on the web and just use a compass. That's what I ultimately did - not work the money at least for me.

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    Posted by Richard D. on Jul 22nd 2016

    Recently, I upgraded my RV's Winegard Sensar III amplified antenna with the Winegard Wingman UHF booster. The result was great digital TV reception. However, the King Controls SL1000 SureLock Digital TV Signal Meter indicated absolutely no signal level on the 4 LEDs.provided. I have a TV tower and high gain Winegard antenna with a rotor for my house. The reception has always been great. I attached the The King Controls SL1000 SureLock Digital TV Signal Meter in line with my home antenna system. Only one LED on the signal meter was lit. I don't know how many dbs of signal level are required to light all 4 LEDs. But in my opinion, there seems to an engineering design problem with this product. I plan to order the Winegard RFL-342 SensarPro TV Signal Strength Meter through BoxyBay as an alternative.

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    Posted by William C. on May 22nd 2016

    This seemed like a no-brainer purchase... but for whatever reason, no matter where I pointed the antenna, this thing never varied from 2 lights. I already knew where the towers were, but was trying to fine tune the antenna without going back and forth to the TV.When I aimed the antenna in the exact opposite direction, I got 2 lights.When I aimed the antenna directly in the direction of the towers... a cluster some 24 miles away... I got 2 lights.Thus, it was useless.Since I'm not the first person to say this, I can only assume 1) the product is a real dud, or 2) there are quality issues with the manufacturing, which might be in China. I looked at the time, and am fairly certain it was not made in the USA, and I think it was China... which is notorious for poor manufacturing quality. I have a lot of friends who moved their business production there and they spend more time there than here, in an effort to try and get things tweaked to the proper specs and then to keep a sharp eye on quality.Poor quality leads to poor ratings leads to poor sales.

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    Posted by Ethel B. on Apr 22nd 2016

    I rated this 3 stars mainly because it does what it says it will do but there was no 'wow' factor in that the TV does the same thing, and a little better.I first set this up at home and set the signal to be sensitive because we get a lot of channels there. I set it at this level so it would pick up pretty much any signal available while out camping. Went camping and used the meter and it wouldn't pick up anything where we were even after turning the antenna several full revolutions. It would only go to level 1 and I could only get a couple of channels, and they would pixelate. Since this was the first time using the TV at this camp ground I just thought we were out of range for most signals so we dealt with that for a day until I decided to just do a new channel search on the TV. Lo-and-behold, after the channel search I ended up with over 10 channels, all with very good picture. Looked at the signal meter and it still showed only one light. Not sure why the meter didn't pick up on the signals the TV did but apparently the TV can do a better job than this meter. Got back home and the meter worked like it did before we left home.So, apparently my TV can pick up on weak signals the meter cannot detect so that pretty much makes the meter useless in these areas even though we can still recieve the signals.UPDATE 03May2013:I rated this down to one star because this thing has been sitting in the junk drawer since we came back from camping after the first use. It will most likely end up in a yard sale or given away because it is pretty much useless since the TV picks up stations this thing doesn't detect. Just wasted money.